Sebastian F. Winter, M.D. Ph.D.

An invited speaker and panelist at international conferences and platforms including TEDx, I have given a variety of talks related to my clinical research and entrepreneurial activities.

In addition to these speaking engagements, I frequently hold workshops on mental health literacy and conflict competency in my capacity as co-funder and trainer at our non-profit organisation, R3SOLUTE.

Selected Talks

Sebastian F. Winter. R3SOLUTE: A Journey Into Social Entrepreneurship. Social Entrepreneurship Course, University of Bayreuth. June 2022
Sebastian F. Winter. The Evolution of a Neuroscientist. Dandy Germany Neurosurgical Club. May 2022.
Sebastian F. Winter, Helen M. E. Winter. R3SOLUTE: Reinventing Conflict Resolution in the Refugee Setting. Address to the International Committee of the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution. November 2021.
Sebastian F. Winter, Helen M. E. Winter. A Conversation on Psychosocial Peer Mediation with Helen and Sebastian Winter of R3SOLUTE. Resolutions: A Podcast About Dispute Resolution and Prevention, American Bar Association (ABA). 2021.
Sebastian F. Winter. Treatment-related adverse effects in patients with brain cancer: identification of distinctive features for pseudoprogression and treatment-induced necrosis. American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting 2019. Philadelphia, PA, USA. May 2019
Sebastian F. Winter, Helen M. E. Winter. TEDx Talk: How to reclaim humanity: embracing difficult conversations., TEDx HU Berlin. Heilig-Geist Chapel, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany. December 2018
Sebastian F. Winter. Significance of Mental Health Awareness Programs in Pro Bono Work and Alternative Dispute Resolution., Future Pro Bono Advocacy Panel Discussion, 2018 Asia Pro Bono Conference. Hong Kong. October 2018.
Sebastian F. Winter. Cancer treatment-related neurotoxicity and emerging complementary treatment strategies in Neuro-Oncology. 2018 MGH GSD Seminar Series: Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School. Boston, MA, USA. March 2018
Sebastian F. Winter. Role of Ketogenic Metabolic Therapy in Malignant Glioma: A Systematic Review. Neurosurgery Grand Rounds, University of California San Diego. San Diego, CA, USA. September 2016.
Sebastian F. Winter. Systemic and Topical Use of Tranexamic Acid in Spinal Surgery: A Systematic Review. Spine Rounds at Toronto Western Hospital, University of Toronto. Toronto, CA. March 2015.