Sebastian F. Winter, M.D. Ph.D.

Original Articles

Winter, H.E., Klapprott, F., Naanaa, M., Turk, A.M., Winter, S.F., 2022. Psychosocial Peer Mediation (PPM) as Sustainable Method for Conflict Prevention and Management among Refugee Communities in Germany. Conflict Resolution Quarterly, 39( 3), 195– 210. Impact factor 2019: 1,0
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Winter, S.F. , 2022. Characterization of cancer treatment-related neurotoxicity in patients with malignant glioma. Refubium, Freie Universitat Berlin Repository.

Original Policy Research

Winter, S.F. and Winter, S.F., 2018. Human dignity as leading principle in public health ethics: a multi-case analysis of 21st century German health policy decisions. International journal of health policy and management, 7(3), p.210.Impact factor 2020: 5.007
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Review Articles

Winter, S.F., Jo, J., Schiff, D., and Dietrich, J., 2022. Central Nervous System Complications Among Oncology Patients. Hematology/Oncology Clinics of North America 36(1), pp.217-236.Impact factor 2021: 3.722
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Book Chapters

Winter, S.F. and Dietrich, J. , 2022. Neurological Complications of Radiation Therapies in Hematological Malignancies. In Oxford Textbook of NeuroHematology. In press at Oxford University Press.
Dietrich, J., Winter, S.F. and Parsons, M.W., 2019. Delayed Neurologic Complications of Brain Tumor Therapy. In Oncology of CNS Tumors (pp. 751-767). Springer, Cham.

Popular Scientific Writing

Eyre, H., Benentt, V., Winter, S.F., Freeman, M., and Hynes, W., 2022. Investing in the strengthen democracy. The RSA.
Eyre, H. et al., 2022. Brain Capital: An Emerging Investment Opportunity. Psychiatric Times.

Selected Citable Abstracts

Winter, S.F., Klein, J., Vaios, E., Loebel, F. and Dietrich, J., 2021. Stroke-Like Migraine Attacks After Radiation Therapy (SMART) Syndrome: A Case Series (4314). Neurology, 96(15 Supplement)
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Media Recognition

Wann dürfen wir wieder raus? Die Corona-Maßnahmen und ihr unabsehbares Ende. By Alexander Mäder, RiffReporter, 2020
How the keto diet could help cancer patients fight back with food, Miriam Kalamian, 2017 Ketogenic Diet May Affect Glioma Outcomes. By Brielle Urciouli, CURE Magazine, 2017
Ketogenic Diet May Positively Affect Patients with Glioma. By Brielle Urciouli, Oncology Nursing News, 2017

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